WWCF 2022

Program Schedule

WWCF 2022Program Schedule

Date Nov. 24(Thur), 2022
Venue #325, EXCO, Daegu, Republic of Korea
HostDaegu Metropolitan City
Invited Cities /
9 Cities in 9 Countries and 2 Organizations
Daegu (Korea), Chennai (India), Bangkok (Thailand), Ciudad Juarez (Mexico), Mikkeli (Finland), Singapore, Indonesia, Kobe (Japan), Vientiane (Laos), World Water Council, The Korea Water Resources Association
Participants Government Officials, Water Specialists and Academics
Topic Cooperation and Innovation between Water Cities

World Water Cities Forum (WWCF) 2022 Program

2022. 11. 24. (Thursday)

Time Program 
15:00~15:05 (5’) Opening and Introduction Video to the WWCF 2022
15:05~15:10 (5’) Introduction of Participants and Expert Group Members
15:10~15:15 (5’) Welcoming Remarks
15:15~15:25 (10’) Daegu Metropolitan City- World Water Council MOU Signing
15:25~15:35 (10’) Introduction to the World Water Cities Forum 2022 and Background of the Major Themes
< Roundtable for Theme A > 「Water in the Cities」
15:35~16:05 (30’) Keynote Speech: Theme A
Sharing of Urban Water Issues and Experiences
①Chennai, India ② Daegu, Korea
16:05~16:15 (10’) Coffee Break
16:15~16:25 (10’) IWRA Special Presentation 「Smart Water Cities」
< Roundtable for Theme B> 「Digital Water Management」
16:25~16:55 (30’) Keynote Speech: Theme B
Sharing of Urban Water Issues and Experiences
①Bangkok, Thailand ②Ciudad Juarez, Mexico ③Mikkeli, Finland④Singapore
< Roundtable for Theme C > 「Securing Water Resources」
16:55~17:25 (30’) Keynote Speech: Theme C
Sharing of Urban Water Issues and Experiences
①Indonesia ②Kobe, Japan③Vientiane, Laos
17:25~17:45 (20’) Q & A
17:45~17:55 (10’) Presentation of Urban Water Policy Brief
17:55-18:00 (5’) Announcement of Closing and Commemorative Photo Taking
18:30-20:00 (90’) Welcoming Dinner

※Schedule is subject to change