WWCF 2022


WWCF 2022Introduction

World Water Cities Forum 2022 (WWCF 2022) will be held from 24 Nov - 25 Nov 2022 in Daegu, Republic of Korea. A much more productive and enriching forum is expected this year, especially with contributions from the World Water Council (WWC), with which Daegu City has entered into a strategic partnership.
City mayors, along with relevant municipal representatives and water experts, will join forces and engage in extensive discussions on the following three topics of mutual interest.
  • 1. Water in the Cities: Safeguarding Clean Water and Adequate Sanitation Services for Cities with Good Governance
  • 2. Digital Water Management: Unlocking Innovative and Advanced Solutions to Urban Water Management Systems through the Interface between Science and Technology
  • 3. Securing Water Resources: Enhancing Urban Water & Ecosystems in the Era of Climate Change
As the final forum deliverable, WWCF 2022 will craft an ‘Urban Water Policy Brief’ based on the forum discussion to disseminate the knowledge and experiences of invited cities throughout the global water community.
In this year's WWCF, we are eager to return to the traditional face-to-face forum to maximize networking opportunities among the various participants. Furthermore, the Korean International Water Week (KIWW) will be held in the same week for four days which might be of interest to all WWCF participants.