Trip to Daegu

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Trip to Daegu Tour Destinations

Representing Daegu's nature and cultures

Modern Culture Alley
experience both modern times and present day of Daegu.
Gukchaebosang Memorial Park
Park created to honor the Gukchae-bosang Movement
Seomun Market
The biggest traditional market in Daegu.
Suseong Lake
A restful attraction for citizens and visitors.
The famous and popular mountain among Daegu citizens and overseas visitors.
GangjeongGoryeongbo Weir (The ARC)
The lifeline of daegu and flows through the surrounding Dalgubeol.
Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park and Old Alleys
The first site of Gyeongsang Provincial Governor's office in Daegu.
Gyesan Catholic Church
It is the only building in Daegu that retains its early 20th century appearance.
It currently exists as a cluster of Oriental tea shops,
Oriental pharmacies, and Oriental restaurants spanning.
Korea Water Cluster
The Korea Water Cluster, which hosts water industry R&D facilities, verification plants, factories, etc. for over 150 water companies, was completed in June 2019 and the Korea Water Cluster Agency has been launched to provide water companies with one-stop support.
Dodongseowon Confucian Academy
Dodongseowon is one of the 47 major Confucian academies that was not affected by Heungseon Daewongun's order to eliminate Confucian academies.

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