Trip to Daegu

About Daegu

Trip to Daegu About Daegu

  • Area 883.56㎢ 0.9% of the country
  • Population 2,475,000 4.8% of the country's population
    (As of December 2017)
  • Administrative District 7 gu and 1 gun 130 dong, 3 eup, and 6 myeon

Daegu is a metropolitan city with a population of 2.5 million and a central city in the Yeongnam area. It is a historic city that has inherited the glorious culture of old Silla and Gaya.

Recognised as Korea’s water hub, Daegu city continues to forge global water partnership in efforts to solve global water problems by annually hosting the Korea International Water Week and World Water Cities Forum. Daegu is also developing the Korea Water Cluster which is the core infrastructure for sustainable and innovative water technology development.

Daegu is a pleasant place with a fascinating traditional medicine market, a historic central area packed with heritage, old churches and missionary residences, some excellent eating options, and a humming downtown that’s good fun to explore.