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[Top 1] Yixing - Building a future-oriented concept WWTP and exploring the sustainable development of wastewater treatment
Writer yixing Date 2020-07-30
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[Yixing - Building a future-oriented concept WWTP and exploring the sustainable development of wastewater treatment]



Currently, the mainstream treatment process for wastewater in China runs counter to the idea of sustainable development, which is shown as:

1. Treatment process currently applied are still following the ones used in 1960s and 1970s;

2. High water quality of effluent is at the expense of huge energy consumption;

3. The resource recovery efficiency is very low;


China is the world`s largest market for wastewater treatment and Yixing has nearly 40% of that market share. It is time for us to reconsider the process for wastewater treatment. Yixing introduced the vision of building the concept wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) aiming for 2030-2040.

With the international cutting-edge technologies applying and displaying in concept WWTP China’s municipal wastewater treatment industry will embrace a new era with the core of sustainable development.





Key specs

Base on the discussion from several workshops, the vision of the concept WWTP shall include but not limited to the following pursuits:

1. Making the effluent water quality meets the needs of water environment change and sustainable utilization of water resources.

2. Improving energy self-sufficiency rate for WWTPs and achieving zero energy consumption with codigestion with moderate exogenous organic waste.

3. Seeking reasonable material recycling and reducing consumption of chemicals.

4. Constructing a pleasant, harmony, environmentally and community friendly WWTP.


Challenges and Ambitions

In order to achieve the pursuits, the design of the concept WWTP should consider the predicted breakthroughs in treatment process, technology, material, and equipment. As an important infrastructure in Yixing, Concept WWTP should not only be concerned by technical experts and engineers, but also the government officials, architects and urban designers, to explore and build a paradigm for future WWTPs.

Building China Concept WWTP is a great cause which obeys the law of innovation, and covers the scope of putting forward the concept, research and develop, project demonstration and technology industrialization.

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Leeuwarden 2020-08-26

The City of Leeuwarden will present regarding the Yixing challenge.

In cooperation with the Water Alliance we present the trends on future WWTP in The Netherlands and highlight some state of the art solutions which might be applicable in the Yizing challenge of their future WWTP. Also we will explain the regions approach to new innovative developments. For instance how we support and our WaterCampus innovation ecosystem and it’s test and demonstration sites and projects in order to speed up development of new technology to the (international) market.

orangecounty 2020-08-07

Wastewater treatment technologies have improved significantly over the last few years. There are highly efficient treatment processes that can help utilities recover many resources in an environmentally sustainable manner. It would be helpful to learn more about the footprint available, potential recovery and reuse opportunities/needs in the region so that we could have a more productive discussion on how to best approach a solution to this challenge. Depending on the flow and capacity needed, package treatment plant solutions may be possible. Potential resources to recover include energy, heat, water, biosolids, nutrients, and more.

bangkok 2020-08-07

It’s such a great and interesting vision of Yixing to have new WWTP that will be designed on the basis of sustainable development.

Seemingly, material recycling is one of the great solutions.
It is feasible in terms of technology. Recycling would not only meet the sustainable goal but also make you be one of the role models to other plants.

However, as you mentioned about the “reasonable material recycling”, that might be one of the real challenges.
How you define the “reasonable”? Are you going to put an importance more on the sustainable goals, economics, quality, or any other factors?
And do you need some kind of support, e.g. from the government, policy, regulator ?

For us, we are also concerned about circular economy.
However, our water pricing is subject to the Government’s policy.
Reasonable recycling is also important to us. But it is a big challenge to find the “reasonable” in our context.

daegu 2020-07-31

Daegu city would like to propose solutions to this challenge.

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