Visa Information

NoticeVisa Information

The World Water Cities Forum 2022 participants entering Korea must possess a valid passport and a Korea visa issued by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea or a consular office in their respective countries.

Visa application for visa-free nationals

Following the implementation of K-ETA from 1 September 2021, nationals of 112 countries/regions, who were eligible for visa-free entry, now must apply for K-ETA and receive approval 72 hours prior to departurefor receiving a boarding pass.
K-ETA authorization is generally valid for multiple trips over a period of two years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. (Application fee - 10,000 KRW/person). Please refer to the attached file to know the procedure for K-ETA application and payment.
How to Apply for K-ETA and Make a Payment

However, due to COVID-19, currently, ONLY ① nationals of 107 countries/regions visa-free entry is available and ②‘Priority Entry (Business) Persons’ of the 16 visa-free entry suspended countries/regions as an exception can apply for K-ETA (as of 1 September 2022). Depending on the situation of COVID-19, the list ofcountries/regions may be updated. Please refer to the attached file to check the countries that require K-ETA and further detailed information.
K-ETA Implementation (From September 1, 2022)

Visa application for non-visa-free nationals

Nationals ineligible for visa-free entry must apply for a visa to visit Korea. The visa application is the sole responsibility of the participants. You are kindly advised to contact the Embassy of the Republic of Korea or consular offices in your respective countries to have more accurate information regarding the visa application procedures. To see the list of Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Korea, please click visit

If a letter of invitation is needed for the visa application process, it can be obtained from the World Water Cities Forum Secretariat (
WWCF 2022 Invitation Letter Request Form

For the Visas being processed at Embassies or Consulates, you can check the application status within 5 working days from submission. For the duration of the visa issuance process, please refer to the notice board of the Diplomatic Office to which you made your submission. Each Diplomatic Office may require a different amount of processing time depending on the workload.