Procedures for overseas entry

NoticeProcedures for overseas entry

Cancellation of mandatory quarantine for overseas entrants

· Entry to Korea does not require quarantine regardless of vaccination history or type of visa.

Procedures for overseas entry

Before entering Korea

A. As of September 3, 2022, the requirement for inbound travelers to submit pre-entry inspections (PCRs, RATs) and
     negative confirmations will be suspended.

B. To ensure smooth immigration procedures, please kindly register in the Q-code (Quarantine Information Advance Input System).
     Or fill out the Health Questionnaire and Travel Record Declaration (Special Quarantine Report) on board the plane

After entering Korea

A. Foreigners for short-term stay must take a PCR test after arrival at the airport's COVID-19 Test Center to facilitate entry into
     the Republic of Korea in force.

B. It is kindly recommended that you remain at your residence until the results of the COVID-19PCR test have been released.

C. After the first-day inspection, please report the results to Q-code(Quarantine Information Advance Input System)
     or the relevant health center.

Q-code (Quarantine Information Advance Input System)


Through a QR code generated by entering quarantine information in advance before the entry of overseas entrants, quarantine procedures will be shortened and follow-up management will be strengthened.

Travelers need to enter

  • Personal information (passport number, etc.),
  • Entry and residence information (departure country, flight, domestic residence, contact number, etc.),
  • Issuance (or print) of QR after entering information related to quarantine,
  • Registration of the result of PCR test on the first day after entry.

How to register Q-code (QuarantineInformation Advance Input System)?

· Please visit to register Q-CODE.

· Please refer to the attached file for the user manual for Q-CODE. Q-CODE User Manual English

Social Distancing Guidelines during Your Travels

Using public transportation
  • Must wear a mask at all times when using public transportation,
    including buses, subways, trains, and taxis.
In restaurants and cafés
  • Wear a mask when not consuming foods or drinks. Outdoor seats do not require masks, however it is advised to wear a mask
    if keeping a one-meter distance from other people is not possible.
At tourist attractions
  • Wear a mask indoors at all times;
    wear a mask outdoors if keeping a one-meter distance from other people is not possible
  • Comply with temperature check and
    hand sanitizing procedures Using accommodations
Using accommodations
  • Must wear a mask in public area outside of separate rooms
  • As of December 10, 2020, short-term tourists must declare their accommodation in Korea.
    Show your passport or proof of travel during check-in and the manager will make the declaration.
If you have symptoms during your trip
  • If you suspect to have COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, coughing, and others,
    call 1339 for inquiries or take a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) by using a self-test kit or visiting a nearby medical clinic.
  • Travelers can also call 1330 Korea Travel Hotline for inquiries
Korea Travel Safety Guidelines

Measures and guidance related to Monkeypox

· Monkeypox outbreaks continue to be reported. All entrants are requested to enter accurate health status information upon entry, and if you have
   any suspicious symptoms such as fever or rash, be sure to report it to the quarantine officer.
   If you enter false health information or fail to report suspicious symptoms, you may be punished according to the relevant laws.